About me

150In the Society of creative anachronism (SCA) and my name in the society is Silwa af Swaneholm.

My interest for the middle ages started when I was 18 years old and attended a cloth design course at my school, at that course I made my first medieval dress. I figured that I didn´t want to just put it away in a closet so it all ended with me joyning a friend to the medieval week in Visby. This was my first visit to Gotland and there have been quite many since then. One year after my first visit to Visby I meet a friend at Kungahälla (a medieval market that I was visiting) and he introduced me to SKA Gotvik. Since then I have been a member of the SCA and today the hobby are more of a lifestyle containing some of my closes friends and my extra family.

Since Swedish is my native language I apologize for grammatical errors and misspellings, and hope that you can understand my blog posts anyway.



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